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NFA Fund: Hollis v. Holder

The Heller Foundation is pleased to announce that it has teamed with Jay Hollis and attorneys Stephen Stamboulieh and Alan Beck to fight the federal restrictions on machine gun ownership. Complying with the onerous registration requirements for automatic


Connecticut, We hear you

The Heller Foundation is looking at legal options for a federal injunction, in order to stave off an already deteriorating situation in Connecticut.  The goal would be to provide a needed period for the State of Connecticut to cool it’s heels and b


Ares Armor versus San Diego Bureaucrats

  “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” – 9th Amendment When you think of government officials challenging an arms maker, who also happen


The Road to Gun Freedom

Here is a brief timeline of our journey and the road to gun freedom. We – the country & all citizens – have the Heller vs. D.C. Supreme Court win under our belt as the basis for this our inaugural issue. Our Fear of govt . . . started in 1


Dick Heller Challenges D.C.’s Gun Registration Scheme

Files for quick ruling in Heller II By Emily Miller   The District of Columbia will do anything to stop law-abiding people from owning firearms to defend themselves. The Supreme Court ruled in 2008 that D.C.’s 30-year handgun ban was unconstitutional i


No Compromise On Firearms Freedoms

From the staff of the Heller Foundation, to you, Happy Holidays! We would like to reaffirm our position on the current state of the political environment about the ‘nation discussion on firearms’ and the attempts to ban military-style weapons