Here is a brief timeline of our journey and the road to gun freedom.

We – the country & all citizens – have the Heller vs. D.C. Supreme Court win under our belt as the basis for this our inaugural issue. Our Fear of govt . . . started in 1976 when the Washington, D.C. City Council created law that criminalized and erased the Second Amendment from their version of the U.S. Constitution. Any hard working, tax paying, voting gun owner in D.C. on September 24, 1976 was probably a responsible citizen. The next day when the D.C. regulations took effect, if found out, you could be labeled a criminal and wake up in jail. Even if you were a valid firearm owner, it must be rendered in-operative and it must never, never, ever be used against a bad guy trying to invade your home with a weapon, a tainted heart and evil on his mind to hurt you or your family.

The legal battle started in 1993 when I finally met an ally who was a medical heart specialist and on the Olympic Shooting Team who could not bring his firearms into D.C. when becoming a resident. Together we determined to team up and make a difference. Notice there is no “I” in that word team. After associations with dozens of think tanks in D.C. we joined with a parallel group of CATO Foundation thinkers and the rest is publicly documented.

On Nov. 20, 2007;
We had earned Certiorari from the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) and the surreal portion of the legal & media journey had begun. Events that happened will fill a book. My favorite was the “Cough Drop” story to show how a citizen can, unknowingly, “make a difference.”

On 18 March 2008;
The Cough Drop Event occurred outside the Supreme Court in “Heller-town” (The folks camped in the cold overnight on the sidewalk gave it that name.) preceding the hearing day. Perhaps, if I keep nudging Colleen & David from Chicago, they will tell their story which was instrumental later in the McDonald vs. Chicago case … like you would not believe !! (….if ordinary guy Dick Heller can do this,  than….)

26 June, 2008, a date that is already in the history books & NOW in law school texts. The example I know is from the Univ. Baltimore Law School Chapter One in a Constitutional Law text book. Previously in Con. Law, there might have been a couple of paragraphs merely acknowledging the existence of the Second Amendment. The next year when my wife went there it was 47 pages building up to and focusing on Justice Scalia’s Heller-1 Decision, all in Chapter 1. D.C., however, immediately threw up all the thumbtacks they could on our road to Firearms Freedom and it became immediately apparent that a Heller-2 was necessary and filed later in 2008. The status of that case is kept updated on under the drop down menu as “CASES.”

This newsletter was first titled, “The Roadmap to Firearms Freedom.” The more I thought about it, there absolutely WAS no road map. We knew where the goal post was, the front door of the Supreme Court. There were a couple of rules,
(a.) we needed a lawyer, therefore, (b.) m-o-o-o-cho money was needed. The architect of our legal strategy even went to law school to learn 2nd-AM. Law.

As a tactic, I dropped out of the I.T. profession to become a D.C. Special Police Officer … because they WOULD issue me a side-arm at work to protect THEM in their offices, but I COULD NOT have a firearm at my own at home to protect ME … a serf to a two-tiered govt system. As my lightbulb came on I labeled the D.C. City Council as soviet style government.

There was no game-plan book like there is in football. We took the above ideas and later connected with a group of like-minded Constitutionalists. If one plus one can make eleven, then one group plus one group can make success!

I remain a “gunslinger” (cop) in D.C. if only to remind the city authoritarians that AMERICAN FREEDOM PATRIOTS continue and always will to protest within the system and peacefully against any Constitution hating soviet style govt within our national borders. As just an ordinary guy who used to chase fast women & drive beautiful cars (maybe it was the other way around), I am only disciplined in engineering & computers, so I am not the best writer.

We are on an exciting journey and we plan to send notes out about every two weeks or so. Another form of communication is using a pro’s printed version of the events, accomplishments, & setbacks about our struggle against un-Constitutional & un-checked power grabs by soviets.

The Washington Times’ Emily Miller is excellent at this. She describes Facts and the Evidence which seems to scramble some elected Little Napoleons’ minds. “Guns Stop Crime !!” Situations like … in any violent confrontation it’s, “9-1-1 ? . . . Send someone with a gun (the Second-Responder). The victim (First-Responder) is already here … wishing we had a gun if don’t already.”

The most Firearms-Freedom states have the least crime. Imagine that the “I-want-I-want,” sandbox mentality of some govt officials that endanger lives is unacceptable when rational people know that … “Guns Stop Crime !!” Who doesn’t know that ? But it’s simple … the power mad don’t care.

I know there are more Patriots like me out there. Just think of how a plumber in COLO started the movement that, through a special recall election, eliminated 3 gun grabbing state senators, including the Senate President. I’ll tell about the phenomenal record of the OHIO Buckeye Firearms Assn. participation in the COLO movement in a later issue.

As it stands now, all gun owners in D.C. have to RE-register our firearms! Life is simple — any rational person knows that there are more criminals using guns for crimes than the law abiding … And the criminals don’t register. So why are the law abiding the ones required to register guns ?   That’s a no-brainer .. duh.

ERGO the Heller-II case.
Updates can be seen on the HF website. Don’t Forget to follow Emily Miller in the Washington Times newspaper because she tells the epic ongoings of our D.C. travails and the gun story of our journey with much more panache & style than I ever could.

Beer proves that God loves us and  wants us to be happy.

-Ben Franklin