Terms of Service

 The Heller Foundation doesn’t store your  ip address, browser information and doesn’t send your information to other sites. No personal information is saved either unless you sign up for an account, make a donation through our processor, Payment Alliance International, or if you choose to register with our newsletter service. Cookies are used by default, but we do not place cookies in your browser for any type of tracking purposes. All cookies should expire after a reasonable time and are usually forgotten after each browsing session.

 By default, the Heller Foundation uses HTTPS and secure encryption (128 bit TLS) in order to protect your history when visiting our site. We realize that gun owners live in perilous times – every attempt has been made to match privacy with functionality. We strive to save the minimal amount of information and provide the best security we can on our end.

 Randomly, we gather non-personal analytics. Currently, we refrain from using Google Analytics until they correct their privacy polices.

 The Heller Foundation uses WordPress as it’s base CMS, but no user information is shared with this company or any plugin providers.

 Privacy Policy

 The Heller Foundation uses encryption to protect the privacy of our users, visitors and donors. We also do not share your information with anyone. The sole exceptions are for our third party newsletter service, MyNewsletterBuilder (Blue House Works, LLC), and our payment processor, Payment Alliance International. Please contact these services for their privacy policies.

 However, the services we use have proven to be respectful of the privacy of others in the past.

 The Heller Foundation will never willingly share your information with any state, federal, local or international agency without a court order (or some other form of state coercion). You will be notified in advance before we even share that data – and if we can, we’ll give you the contact information of the agency in question.

If you have any questions about our terms and policies, use the contact form on the site and let us know what you are thinking.

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