The Heller Foundation – Our Vision

She's worth protecting

Humanity – she’s worth protecting ….

Imagine a world where arms and self defence rights are considered as essential to human life as food and water.  In such a world, children would be encouraged, inspired and educated on how to use arms properly and effectively.    In our world vision, one would never dream of questioning an able bodied person’s means and choices of defence.

What would you give to live in that kind of world?

The Heller Foundation not only ‘seeks’ to develop that kind of world, but to actively make it into a reality.  We believe that arms rights extends past guns, but bridges the spectrum between something as simple as a rock or possibly a hand – to something as more advanced as a laser.  Defence and protection can take many forms.

Wouldn’t you like to help us get there?

However, there are enemies to this essential human right and responsibility.  They believe in a centralized synarchy with planning and control of all human behaviour, action and choice.  Not only are they against ‘guns’, but they are the enemies of humanity itself.  In darkness, by ways of deception and from concealed places, they plot, devise and plan to remove this basic human right from everyone.

Who would do such a thing against humanity?

We stand against those that would try to enforce such an evil idea against humanity.  The right to bear arms, make them and effectively use them – is the only mechanism that stands in their way.

They know this – it’s the reason they attack this right so vehemently.

In order to keep such ‘people’ in check, the right to bear arms must be enforced and at some point, we want to see it made illegal to even raise a finger against that right.

We’d like you to join us in our fight against these oppressors of humanity!

The Heller Foundation stands for the right to bear arms – not just in the past, not just now, but well, into the furture and beyond.

Get involved today!