From the staff of the Heller Foundation, to you, Happy Holidays!
Legal Guns Oleg Volk

Unlike Great Britain, Americans will most likely not comply with a ban

We would like to reaffirm our position on the current state of the political environment about the ‘nation discussion on firearms’ and the attempts to ban military-style weapons (the so called
Feinstein Assault Weapons Ban), restrictively taxing ammunition, outlawing medium capacity magazines and even the idea of confiscation:

No Compromise

Stated, we do have some ideas how to ‘do something about it’.  Training self selected teachers to respond to active shooter scenarios would be the first and best solution (force on force).  Remove limits against concealed carry permit holders from entering schools while armed (primarily for legally licensed parents) as they did in Utah and lift this restriction which has already been proven Un-Constitutional in the courts .  Help parents who need mental health services for their children, get that help and offer a free-market solution that works better than the public options already in place.

For Liberty – always