As many of our supporters may know, Dick Heller himself was born in the state of California, so addressing the Newsom Ammunition Ban is a concern of ours.  We believe that the overall ammunition ban, the ban on intra-state importation and the proposed changes to force California citizens to register their ammunition are all designed specifically to disarm the state’s law abiding citizens.

This ban has absolutely nothing to do with health & safety, it’s merely an end-run to civic disarmament.

“California has always been a concern for us, though the Heller Foundation is primarily dedicated to fighting on a federal level, we consider this state to be one of peculiar interest.” stated, John Johnson, one of our main foundation managers, “What Newsom has done is diabolical and will affect the freedom of many Californians to access, acquire and store ammunition.   This is beyond crucial – we will do what it takes to help Californians protect, secure and defend their families and properties. ”

“This is not the first time the Heller Foundation has been directly involved in California arms and self defense rights, we battled Yee and helped the citizens win against one of that state’s more notorious gun grabbers.  Feinstein goes without saying.” added Johnson.

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom is no fan of arms rights. The Democratic right hand man of Governor Jerry Brown has worked tirelessly to disarm law abiding citizens in his own state.  Their goal is to set a precedence in California and have it spread to the rest of the nation.  A ban on the import of ammunition would effectively disarm the people of California and help unethical politicians like Newsom advance their control agenda.

Currently, we are exploring alliances with California’s existing gun and arms rights groups to better enhance an overall objective to stop Newsom and protect the state’s citizens from tyrannical over-reach.