The Heller Foundation is looking at legal options for a federal injunction, in order to stave off an already deteriorating situation in Connecticut.  The goal would be to provide a needed period for the State of Connecticut to cool it’s heels and buy some time for the gun owners in Connecticut.  We believe that the current situation is an issue of public safety.  Despite concerns that this is a ‘shot in the dark effort’ and that a federal injunction has a ‘slim chance’ – it is necessary to explore all options and to do everything possible in order to help out the people of Connecticut.   

Our initial concern is for those gun owners who registered, but for whatever reason, had their paperwork turned in late or letters delivered past January 1rst, 2014.  This in effect, turned those citizens trying to legally appease the mandates of the State (Constitutional or not), into instant, sworn-on-paper felons overnight.  If any group is vulnerable to a possible confiscation effort they, and by proxy their families, would be the first on the list.

We are looking for legal help in order to file this injunction.  Stated,’ we’ll need your help in order to pay for legal fees.  Please donate.

Also, we have several lawyers that we are speaking with at the moment.  If you are a lawyer and would like to help, please reach us through the contact form.