Heller III . . .                          2012

  JUNE 22


The  Heller – 3  case stems from the  District of Columbia’s apparent  dislike for a safe & secure society.   Currently  the ONLY people carrying concealed weapons on the streets of D.C. are the Bad Guys . . . and there’s Lots of them.  

These Criminals  are roaming the streets easily preying  on what I call  Marshmallow Victims,  those  Responsible Citizens who are allowed no Options for  Standing their Ground  when attacked in public.   They have, in violation of the Constitution,  been disarmed and disallowed their  Right-to-Life in  life-threatening  situations. 

Dick Heller is a  paid,  trained,  certified,  gun-issued, &  badged (signed by the police chief),  Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) with limited powers of arrest while at his duty station.  All of this more than qualifies him under the laws of Congress  to be classified to be one of their special  Full Time  Concealed Carry  officers, anywhere in the country . . . except the District of Columbia say the city politicians.


In a nutshell,  this act  Authorizes  “qualified” current & retired LEOs to carry concealed firearms nationwide . . .
Regardless of state or local laws to the Contrary.

It’s formal name is H.R.218 . . .  LEOSA . . .  Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act of 2004 – –
———-                                                               [ 18 U.S.C. §§ 926B-926C ]


The LEOSA Act is meant to insure the addition of another group of lawmen that could be prepared to respond, on-the-spot,  to the

instances of terrorism which can easily occur in such an Open & Free society as ours.  [… Remember Ft. Hood ?  Mumbai, India ? ]

Forty nine states currently have concealed carry  licensing from the level of 
“shall-issue”  where many citizens are constantly armed, down to the whimsical 
“might-issue”  where a minimum number might be armed and this law helps fill that gap. 

Heller – 3 is not yet in the courts.  A letter was sent to the DC police chief showing that Heller’s position is congruent with H.R.218 law

and with intention to Concealed Carry a certain serial no. Charter revolver as a pedestrian at midnight on his way home from work.

The city formally responded with a line-by-line retort feebly denying each of the qualifying elements.

The fight for  SECOND AMENDMENT  FREEDOM  continues . . .
Game ON  . . . for  FREEDOM !!

MAY 25

Heller-3 has been initiated pertaining to
LEOSA,  HR-218,  Concealed Carry.

The initial response from the city MPD was  negative.

Heller III  Was Initiated on  20 April, 2012.
FREEDOM !!                More later as it developes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Is  on  the  drawing  board  ( and IV,  V,  and possibly  VI) . . . .

Future cases to be announced at strategic times —

until the  Infringement  has ended !!