“If a Country is Truly FREE,
        Citizens Do Not Need Permission to Keep & Bear Arms.”


The Heller Foundation is a 
Second Amendment advocacy organization 
challenging infringements of our  Constitutional Rights 
to “keep and bear arms”  
while promoting youth education  and
firearms safety programs.



  1. Challenge  DC and other municipalities  in court  when Second Amendment infringements have occurred.
  2. Eliminate  the  Registration & Tracking of  law abiding  gun owners as if they were the criminals.
  3. Re-establish  model  educational environments for youths to experience their  2nd Amendment Freedoms that are now denied them in govt school systems.
  4. Advocate  for  Safety Training & Safer municipal living environments that result in lower crime statistics like those of  Vermont & New Hampshire.



The Foundation is supported by donations from “the people.”  Your contributions advance the cause of our  2nd Amendment which protects all of our Civil Liberties.  To donate, click on one of the many donate buttons on this site and help us Keep America . . .  truly Free!

About the Foundation:

The Heller Foundation is not yet granted D.C. nor  I.R.S. registered charity status.  
We appreciate your support – please donate.