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Welcome to the Heller Foundation

The Heller Foundation is a federally recognized 501-3 (c) non-profit dedicated to protecting arms rights. We have taken a 'no compromise' stance in regards to defending this essential human right and freedom. Ultimately, the right of defence, at it's core, is essentially a basic responsibility given to each of us at birth. This essential responsibility to protect one's self, their nation and kin, is inherent and irrevocable.

The Heller Foundation was started shortly after the rendering of the famous June, 2008 United States Supreme Court decision on Heller v. D.C.. That decision upheld the individual's right to bear arms, not just in defence of the state, but also themselves. This key element, while recognized by such founders as George Mason - the father of the Second Amendment, had not yet been clarified legally in the courts.

Our purpose and aim are embodied in the very spirit that started that initial case. Each able bodied person of sound mind, should always have the right to stay and be armed with the weapon of their choosing.